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United States
Store opened on 3/11/2009

Store Description

Studio Raziel is about direct, personal experience and the bringing forth of the wisdom and images that we discover amidst the forgotten by-ways of the occult underbelly of modern 'civilization' (so-called). We reach back unto the buried and mythic past as much as we stretch onwards towards a space and a place as yet unnamed, combining archaic techniques with cutting-edge practices in a unique synthesis of old and new that we hope will eventually reveal the gold from amidst the dross. Our art is firmly rooted within Symbolism, but does not owe allegiance to any one god, government or school--we are independent agents of our personal Gnosis exploring and expressing things we've found in the dark, light and places in-between. You can also find out more about Studio Raziel at our new Zazzle Showcase at Squidoo , and of course there is our Blog , where we'll be keeping folks informed of our ongoing projects and publications and new developments, such as where you can find our book reviews, locate our other online galleries, or read our latest articles. Click on our Linkedin Profile , if you want to learn more about us.

Inspired By

Symbollism both classical and contemporary, with a dash of surrealism. We take a great deal of inspiration from the old grimoires, various alchemical texts and obscure manuscripts that no one really reads any more.