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A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Mostly sarcastic memes & such, but also classic cars and things when the mood strikes. Thus: Stuff... or Something...

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"beautiful shop!"
By Princess M, 12/10/2014 about
found you on pinterest! great items! -artofprincessm
By Doug, 3/17/2014 about
Yes they are going through, and the pen holder is really nice ;) but yeah maybe they will add it. Seems odd that they wouldn't have pens
By Lori Leidig, 3/16/2014 about
Hrmm not sure my comments are going through... Was going to suggest the pen holder but you already have that ;)
"We Do Have This Though..."
By Lori Leidig, 3/16/2014 about
Pen holder with Pirate Bay: http://www.zazzle.com/the_pirate_bay_desk_organizer-256299325416441401?rf=238608498945127257
"Hey Doug!"
By Lori Leidig, 3/16/2014 about
I wish so bad we could carry pens! I'll submit the request to Zazzle. Sometimes they actually listen and add merchandise I request. ;) But not always... I would love to make some with Pirate Bay on them.
"Hey there :)"
By Doug, 3/16/2014 about
Hey you ever thought of adding some Pirate Bay pens? Was looking around for those
By Belinha Fernandes, 2/4/2014 about
Hi! Happy Valentine's Sales!I just want to let you know that I am featuring one of your products on my blog! If you want you can have a look here http://noboringwhite.blogspot.pt/2014/01/red-is-color-of-love-red-as-symbol.html
By Doug, 7/17/2013 about
Thanks :) if I think of something I'll let you know..you have just about everything imaginable though ;)
"Doug -"
By Lori Leidig, 5/31/2013 about
So glad you liked the necklace! See you came back for the matching wall clock as well. Very appreciated! If there is an item you would like that I haven't put the Pirate Bay on yet, just let me know. Love happy repeat business.
"Great Product..."
By Doug, 5/13/2013 about
Awesome store you have, but loved the Pirate Bay pendant in particular, frequent them quite often ;)
"Your Shop"
By DoodlesGifts, 4/23/2013 about
Love the products you have here you are very talented!
By Destiny, 3/21/2013 about
*`*•.¸ ★★★★★¸.•*´Hello, Very nice to meet you,*`*•.¸ ★★★★★¸.•* wonderful gallery Great art ;))) Congratulations on your latest TBA! Take Care, Cherie*`*•.¸ ★★★★★¸.•*
By Destiny, 3/21/2013 about
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