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I am the original Sugar Mama from SE Michigan the one that makes the killer lotion Called Sugar Mama Heavenly Body Pudding, this here is an X tension of my pent up creativity and lack of employment lol. so Im gonna do what I love ..art. All my D-Zines are either photographed, painted or drawn by muah. I dig Dia De Los Muertos, Pirates, my Indigenousness, I make Sugar Skulls, anyway you get the point IM CRAFTY! I Make some killer Lotion- check out the designs in support of Sugar Mama HBP, Sugar Babe lines (inspired by my grandpa) for all the Ladies, some sweet Mens gear, ties, mugs, and KILLER SHOES!. So Guys and Dolls support Sugar Mama SWAG (Sweet A** Gear), I need all the Sugar I can get. Peace and Love!

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By thecuteinstitute, 2/12/2008 about
hey thanks for dropping by and leaving that nice comment cheers!
"Thanks Sugar Mama"
By ARTegrity, 12/19/2007 about
Thanks for joining my fan club! I love your story and your sugar skulls. Keep up the great work and keep spreading your sweetness!
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