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Shayna's Hope
"Hope" is a four legged word...
PA, United States
I am raising money for a Service Dog due to my growing list of medical needs. www.YouCaring.com/shaynashope-servicedog --------------------------------------------------------------- Hi, my name is Shayna! I am 25 years old and have lived with a growing list of neurological conditions for the past decade. My medical concerns include symptoms ranging from uncontrollable spasms to weakness that leaves me stranded. These rare disorders affect my ability to move, speak, eat, walk, type, and even my ability to push my own wheelchair. A service dog will enable me to go to college to earn a degree, be a more effective employee in the workplace, live alone, and be safe when a medical crisis occurs in public. My service dog will assist me with my "attacks" (sudden onset of symptoms), walking, getting help in an emergency, pulling my wheelchair, fetching my crutches, carrying emergency medication, providing deep pressure therapy, picking up items, and more. All of these tasks will help me depend less on my family to help me and enable me to do things on my own. I can be more confident knowing that when I'm alone there will always be help nearby in the form of four paws. My doctor and neurologist support this and look forward to seeing the changes a service dog will make in my life. My service dog is being trained by Phoenix Assistance Dogs of Central PA. It costs the organization approximately $20,000 to train a service dog. My responsibility to them is $1,000 but due to continued costs including gear, veterinary care, and food, I am fundraising additional money for these concerns through my creations on Zazzle.
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