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Superbug sells a range of science gifts for geeks, featuring our little friends - bacteria! All lovingly created by evil genius Kathryn in her on-going quest for world domination. New additions to our happy family are some geeky science designs, such as periodic table elements and molecular structures! Email me at zazzle@ilovebacteria.com for requests or to ask me any questions. Click on the sections below to see our range of designs, or use the product line links to the right:

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By Ted Raynor, 1/28/2013 about
Cute stuff
By Insomniak, 9/10/2011 about
Very clever designs, Im a fan :)
By orglioness, 2/21/2011 about
What a marvelous theme and idea!
By SuperBug, 8/8/2010 about
Hi Gillian, Thanks for the message. Not sure if you'll read this, but I can't find an email address for you. Happy for you to use the design. Contact me on kat @ ilovebacteria.com and I can send you high res pic. Kat
"Congrats on Featured ProSeller"
By 220clothing, 11/18/2009 about
Great designs!
By Eyefish, 11/16/2009 about
Congrats for being a featured proseller on the zazzle homepage. Your designs are great and your shop is really cool!
By TotallyRandom, 11/16/2009 about
By BlueAngel85, 11/12/2009 about
I love science themed shops ! Definitely a Fan.
By dooni_notebooks, 10/9/2009 about
adorable n clever
"You make bacteria look so cute"
By SBCSTUDIO, 9/8/2009 about
"Congratulations on some great designs"
By ItalianProverbs, 9/1/2009 about
I especially love the periodic table designs and chocolate molecule designs.
By PeteMcGXD, 8/12/2009 about
Your bugs are super
"very cute site"
By shatay, 5/30/2009 about
original and educational
By emphasison, 4/15/2009 about
How do I get wholesale prices for your products? Thanks jerry emphasis@gte.net
"Cerebrally Funny Stuff!!!"
By Zoey_London, 2/5/2009 about
Awesome style! Great talent! Love your site!!
By Gud_Onya, 2/3/2009 about
Very original--love the mole!
"Fun, Clever,Great!"
By conroyaltee, 12/24/2008 about
Love this gallery. Happy holidays
"Great Site! =) Happy Holidays! LIZ"
By Lizreg, 12/22/2008 about
By emele1, 12/1/2008 about
oh wow..... great, unique gallery and items :)
By Stotty, 9/3/2007 about
I love these little germs .Good stuff :)
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29 results
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