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By SuperDeathGuy, 4/18/2009 about
Thanks Suz, I appreciate the compliements! :D
By skphotos, 4/16/2009 about
Great gallery, I Luv your artwork! Suz :)
By SuperDeathGuy, 4/7/2009 about
lol@( . )( . )'S I have another version of the absinthe almost completed. :-) also a white version for use on dark apparel etc...
By Lady_Caelestis, 4/6/2009 about
Superdeathuncle you are truly a genius,I absolutely love the Absinthe shirt,however I think your mother dosn't approve of the ( . )( . ) t-shirt lol -Lady Caelestis
By SuperDeathGuy, 1/27/2009 about
Thanks Lady Caelestis and barackobamagear, I appreciate the support!
By Lady_Caelestis, 1/20/2009 about
Thanks for joining my fan club superdeathUncle. -Lady Caelestis
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6 results