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Wonderful to meet you! My name is Susan aka SuzaPalooza which means (happy person). I love photography especially macro shots and other forms of arts and truly enjoy sharing it with others. I dabble in collage, zentangle, scrapbook, mixed media and my own drawings. There's nothing quite like another person liking something I have created it's never about the money for me. I've purposely left the prices in my store at only 10% for myself to keep cost down as low as I can. Much more to come! If you don't see something you would love to see leave me a comment I'd be happy to assist you. Blessings and love....Susan

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"Where Are The Rest Of Your Products?"
By SuzaPalooza, 2/11/2012 about
I will be adding new items daily! If you don't see a certain design or graphic for a product you would like leave a message or comment and I will create it for you ASAP. You can also find me at my blog below suzalapalooza.tumblr.com
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