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Take a look around. We make fun & funky products from original art, toons & illustration!

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By Doctor L, 3/14/2015 about
Awesome store. Lots of intriguing shapes, characters and color. My congrats!
By ShirLee (Shuen Walter), 7/9/2012 about
Cool~ Your designs are so detailed and awesome!!!
"thanks, moonshield!"
By SwansonIllustration, 2/10/2011 about
right back at ya!
"you got talent"
By Moonshield38, 2/10/2011 about
awsome artwork. The gone fishing shirt is bad ass
By SwansonIllustration, 2/6/2011 about
Thanks, odinwar! Your site is impressive!
By odinwar, 1/17/2011 about
Lo Here Do I Find Treasure! Surely Odin Guides Thy Hand!
"Thanks, halloweenhaunts!"
By SwansonIllustration, 9/14/2010 about
Many thanks for the kudos, halloweenhaunts, and for featuring Swanson Illustration on your Halloween Haunts blog!
By halloweenhaunts, 9/14/2010 about
Wonderful stuff here! I have added your items to my Halloween Haunts blog. Thank you! :)
By bluewren08, 4/24/2010 about
Swanson Illustrations is a Featured Treasure for 24th April, 2010 at Bluewren's Treasures Blog.  Congratulations!
By CowboyCraic, 11/2/2007 about
Pictograms. I look forward to seeing more of these as they are added to product. Bright Blessings, Bit
"long time fan, first time commenter"
By momulle, 7/9/2007 about
glad to see some of the earlier mythology and mythology inspired works by mr. swanson.
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