Swiss...Big Deal
Two Thumbs and Loves Being Swiss
Venn Diagram .. The Swiss
Swiss Ninja
Swiss Superhero
Rainbow Swiss
Kiss Me...I Am Swiss
Swiss...Assume I Am Never Wrong
Made In Switzerland
Team Swiss
Keep Calm and Call the Swiss
The Swiss Make Great Lovers
Parental Advisory...Swiss
Relax ... I Am Swiss
Hello, I Am Swiss ... Nametag
Swiss Thing .. You Wouldn't Understand
You Can't Scare Me...Swiss
Deal With It .. Funny Swiss
Daily Reminder...Swiss and Sexy
Arrow Swiss
Barcode Swiss

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Welcome to "SWISS PRIDE SHIRTS and GIFTS", your home for unique Swiss pride shirts, gifts and apparel. Whether you're a Swiss national living or traveling in a foreign land looking for some fun new ways to share your patriotic pride or if you're looking to show support for your favorite Swiss friend or loved one, we've got you covered with loads of awesome Swiss pride shirts, hats, mugs, buttons, stickers, mousepads and more. Check out our collection of funny Swiss pride shirts and apparel below or use the following links to find some unique gifts for friends and loved ones from other countries. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day! View shirts and gifts for other countries using the links below: American | Australian / Aussie | Brazilian | Canadian | Chinese | Danish | Dutch | Filipino | French | German Greek | Indian | Irish | Italian | Japanese | Kiwi / New Zealanders | Korean | Mexican | Nigerian | Norwegian Persian | Polish | Russian | Scottish | Spanish | Swedish | Swiss | Vietnamese Check out some of our other shirts and gifts by occupation : Accountant | Attorney | Bartender | Coach (+11 different sports available) | Computer Programmer | Doctors, Nurses, Medicine (+16 different medical fields) | Engineer | Firefighter | Judge | Lawyer | Mathematician | Pharmacist | Pilot Police Officer | Scientists (+15 different scientific fields) | Teachers (+7 different subjects) | Veterinarian

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