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Store opened on 6/26/2011

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I am a stay-at-home mom, former English teacher, and activist. I believe that people are limited only by how far their imagination can stretch . . . which is endless! So I created this store as a place for me to express myself creatively, through designs that move me in some way. And my hope is that other like-minded people will stumble across the store and be amused, intrigued, and delighted to find something that touches them or makes them laugh or smile. I work on the designs after my kids have gone to bed -- late into the night. And if there is something you're looking for, please contact me. I'm happy to create custom designs, or customize a current one on a new product. I will be adding new categories soon, including designs for Homebrewing. Check back often, and have a great day! And coming soon . . .

Inspired By

Typography Oil Painting, Watercolor, Sketching, Writing, Blogging, and Making Fairy Houses with My Daughters

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