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A graphic designer from Manchester, Connecticut, Tammara Leminen likes to combine humor with a fine eye for detail in her unique digital collages. She also has a Fine Art background and produces many nature-inspired pieces in Acrylics and colored pencil.

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By Boogybunny, 12/10/2009 about
I love love LOVE your designs! Oh and congrats on the TBA. Well deserved. :)
By HesedBooks, 7/25/2009 about
Love your designs! It's great how you combine different vintage art forms to create something new.
By threesalamanders, 10/22/2008 about
Hey Tamarra. Your stuff is so deliciously naughty. Nothing like a little Victorian repression to bring out the seedier side! :)
By Articles, 2/11/2008 about
Hi Tammara, love your designs, fascinating work!
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