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From the imagination of Sydney Blue, a lively Blue Heeler [Australian Cattle dog] from the sunny Central Valley of California, comes the "Tao of Blue" -- a basic belief that you must live in the here and now and thoroughly enjoy the life you've been given. We think it's a great philosophy and do our best to help "spread the good word"! We're always adding more designs and more breeds, so please be sure to check back with us often. Visit Sydney Blue on Facebook! These t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, greeting cards, and electronic cases and sleeves will make fantastic gifts for the dog-lover in your life! Visit our main store at for a huge selection of tees and gift items for the Military, Fishing, Dog, Cat, Bird, Garden, or History enthusiasts in your life! AKC Breeds Currently Available: Afghan Hound , Airedale , Akita , American Eskimo , American Staffordshire , Australian Cattle Dog , Australian Shepherd , Basenji , Bassett , Beagle , Belgian Shepherd , Bernese Mountain Dog , Bichon Frise , Bloodhound , Border Collie , Borzoi , Boston Terrier , Boxer , Briard , Brittany , Brussels Griffon , Bull Terrier , Bullmastiff , English Bulldog , French Bulldog , Cocker Spaniel , Smooth Dachshund , Long-haired Dachshund , Wire-haired Dachshund , German Shepherd, , Golden Retriever , Labrador Retriever , Poodle , Pug , Rottweiler , Siberian Husky , Yorkshire Terrier