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Check the mirror. See yourself with a Ringer T-Shirt draping your stylish frame in a way that signals good taste, a sense of humor, and ineffable coolness. Order that attractive item right away. Then, tear yourself away from that mirror and go out and have a picnic, play volleyball, or simply get the rest you deserve. With a Ringer T-Shirt, comfort, durability, and an air of mystery will travel with you, wherever you go. Or, pour yourself a steaming, sweet smelling, and necessary cup of coffee, using your new Ringer Mug with the design that is just right for you. Feel your head clearing. The grass sparkles, the sky is blue, and you're ready for another wonderful day. Oh sure, why not have one more? Or, dress that incredible kiddo of yours in what you can now call, without embarrassment, 'togs'. Yes, these Baby Togs are just the thing for a modern, not yet literate, infant. Watch him lie there smiling, see her scoot across the clean floor, watch as he leaves scooting in the, well, not dust (because the floor is clean, but it is in the past) and begins crawling. You know what I mean. Or, use one of the Ringer bumper stickers to let the world know how you really feel. Don't hide the truth under a bushel or in the garage. If you don't see the exact product you are looking for, please feel free to send me an email outlining my oversight. I will set things right immediately or send myself directly to my room without supper.

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