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Teruo Artistry is a fresh, design-first clothing company inspired by a collective of artists who dedicate their lives to creating something from nothing... by any dreams necessary. Teruo Artistry believes what we wear defines who we are. Wear yourself. Teruo Artistry. Always Creating. Teruo Artistry was created because the founders wanted to wear something that represented their collective sense of style and creativity. At the time, there wasn’t anything in the market that they could wear that “spoke” to them and all their diverse interests. They wanted something that was both fashionable and something they could wear all the time without being a walking corporate ad. They knew that they weren’t the only people who felt this way and soon began to make clothes for themselves and their friends. From here, Teruo Artistry was born. Teruo Artistry’s name comes from Brian and Timothy’s grandfather, Teruo Iyama (1919 - 2007), who recently passed away. Teruo, a United States Citizen, was incarcerated in the American concentration camps of World War II. Instead of becoming bitter and angry upon his release, Teruo was able to rebuild and become a successful entrepreneur and fine artist. He epitomizes the American dream. Teruo Artistry adopted the name in the hopes of emulating Teruo’s immense perseverance, courage and talent. Teruo Iyama was an accomplished oil painter, carpenter, tailor, gardener and business man among other things, who consistently created something from nothing. Teruo (pronounced te like tender, ru like ruin, o like owner) is a Japanese first name meaning sunshine man. The first kanji (Chinese character) teru stands for sunshine or good fortune. The second kanji o means man or boy. Teruo Artistry represents the sunshine in the arts and the good fortune it brings to its participants, patrons and fans.

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"Sick gear"
By gitMoney, 1/28/2009 about
These decks are sick, I checked out this company's website and they do pretty sick clothing too.
By hypekid, 1/28/2009 about
love the mic roots & skyline best. do you take artist submissions?
By shocker2, 1/26/2009 about
I've ordered 2 of these boards now and all my friends keep asking about them. Awesome decks.!!! I also just bought my first Teruo shirt at www.teruo.com. It's sick!
By tommyboy22, 1/26/2009 about
I ordered one for my store. Way clean, way fresh...
"Love 'em"
By johnnytwob, 1/26/2009 about
These boards are super sick! Love the originality and clean lines... I been following you guys for a while and cannot wait to ride these!
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5 results