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"product # 239591985339136101"
By Mary, 3/26/2015 about
Hello:)! I am contacting you to find out if you would be able to create this design in a larger format so I can use it on an oversized postcard... I look forward to hearing back from you... Thank-you
"Sticker question"
By Bogrzshade, 5/14/2014 about
Hi I need a sticker design with the singapore flag on top and the word 'Singapore' underneath for a school fun fair. Can you help?
"Hi teyes, cool store!"
By Ronspassionfordesign, 5/18/2011 about
Best of luck to you. have a great week! Ron
By orglioness, 3/22/2011 about
Thank you very much for the nice comment on my TBA Gnarley Dude Frosted Mug. You have been busy also, I see. Great stuff! Much success!
By Venezolano, 3/11/2011 about
I mean't "I wouldn't mind buying from you!"*
"Joining your fan club"
By Gertan, 2/23/2011 about
Love this apron you created! http://www.zazzle.com/australia_rocks_apron-154912913127073686
By ginnyl52, 10/21/2010 about
Wonderful designs & products here! I'm a fan!
"Great Store :) Go ARGENTINA or BRAZIL :)"
By starverse, 6/22/2010 about
By Jenlin01, 4/25/2010 about
Great Store!
By ThaiDern, 3/5/2010 about
Have the feeling of real T-Shirt style.
"Very nice"
By test1467, 9/15/2009 about
Good work. Thank you
By Alleycatshirts, 7/5/2009 about
I love your national designs they're constructed and look very good! I must become a fan.
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