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This is the official online store for singer/songwriter Deborah "Debbie" Gibson.

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By brenda71, 5/18/2011 about
i would like make the suggestion of a dvd of deborah's videos . i love her videos that i have seen
"Electric Youth Perfume"
By TheDeborahFan, 3/17/2010 about
Electric Youth Perfume can be found at www.perfumenetwork.com click on womens then the E & look for Electric Youth by Debbie Gibson it came by Revlon!
By allrey23, 9/5/2009 about
How come Deborah does'nt have any dvd or video compilation or concert releases?
"the electric youth perfume"
By Hindergirl69, 5/8/2009 about
does anyone know where to get now ?? I had mine for years and searched for a new one but i cant find any any where .
By mikek92349, 3/23/2009 about
Welcome to Zazzle. Ah the 80's!
By FreeHugsTrainer, 3/22/2009 about
Great Gallery WELCOME HUGS
"So Cool"
By birdman49340, 3/21/2009 about
This is so cool but they need to take mail order's and money order's as payment. I would like to see the video (Already Gone) on DVD or Video as a single
"Welcome to Zazzle, Deborah."
By MistaSCARY, 3/20/2009 about
Have fun with designing.:) ~Doug
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8 results