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Boston, MA
My work has changed greatly over the years. During high school and college, my subject matter mainly focused on the pain and hurt that we experience in life. In 2003, I began a transformation which inspired me to show the viewer the beauty of life around them. This shift in viewpoint can be a tremendous catalyst for the transformation of a healthy mind, body, and spirit. I began to focus on this concept of transformation with each of my pieces. On a surface level, each piece began to represent the natural changes of the depicted life form. On a deeper level, each of these beautiful organisms represents a transformation of the self. Often, we are so wrapped up in the dramas of our daily lives, that we loose the bigger picture: none of our lives will exist if we don’t care for our home . . . Earth (and in an even bigger picture) the Universe. If we continue to act in self-destructive ways, we will destroy our home. To avoid doing so, we need to change our attitude towards all life to one of love. With love, we can create healing and new life. With each person that changes their perception to one of love, we increase our chances to heal our lives and our planet. We must learn to coexist with all our neighbors, whatever the race or species. As what we do to ourselves, also affects our human, animal, and plant neighbors. Act out of love towards yourself and others, and you will receive love in return. It all begins with you. Let the joys of life grow within you, and then spread to the world around you . . . as a flower grows under the light of the sun, spreads its seeds across the land, and creates more beauty for all.
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Jessica Grace Leahy
Comments (22)
Patricia commented on theHOELstudio 8/29/2011
Great designs!
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CaroleArt Flower Art commented on theHOELstudio 8/11/2009
Incredibly beautiful work! I'd love to see it collected in calendars.
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OHGEEZ MARKETPLACE commented on theHOELstudio 5/11/2008
Hope your weekend is going great.
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