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A gallery of products with my designs, drawings (digital and traditional), paintings, and photographs on them. I have been a zazzle contributor since 2006. Both my designs and zazzle's system have changed greatly over the years. At this point, I'm trying to create a little something for everyone. Most of my work would appeal to females, but I'm adding some more masculine items. I've also had mostly lighthearted products. I'm adding some that are a bit darker to appeal to a wider audience. Some of my older creations could be updated. If you like an image but not how it's set up on the product, you'd like to see one of my images on a certain product, you'd like something customized, or you would like a photo print of one of my images, please contact me and I will do my best to accommodate you. If you are interested in original paintings, please visit http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/jessie-leahy.html Love & Gratitude!

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By Patricia, 8/29/2011 about
Great designs!
By CaroleArt, 8/11/2009 about
Incredibly beautiful work! I'd love to see it collected in calendars.
By mikek92349, 5/11/2008 about
Hope your weekend is going great.
"Thanks to all who have posted comments!"
By theHOELstudio, 4/16/2008 about
My apologies! I've been a little remiss in showing my gratitude to you all for your great feedback. Thank you to you all! It does mean a lot to know that my work is appreciated.
"You do beautiful work!"
By SjStevenson, 4/10/2008 about
I loved visiting your gallery. All of your work is beautiful, but my favorite is Percival & Lancelot. So pretty!
By Zoey_London, 1/24/2008 about
Really nice graphic designs suitable for any product!! Great work!!! Zoey London
By WanderLinArts, 12/11/2007 about
Great work.
"A delight!"
By MagnumVox_Leadership, 8/12/2007 about
I absolutely enjoy your work!!
"I love this gallery..."
By Priver, 7/23/2007 about
Your Ditto painting is wonderful!! Love your cats..
"Oh & i absolutely love you stuff! I've joined your fanclub back. I hope to see more and more from yo"
By JessicaFoxx, 7/21/2007 about
"Thanks for joining my FanClub! :) Can't wait to see more of your stuff too."
By JessicaFoxx, 7/21/2007 about
I will have new stuff up soon - If you like the photograhy i should have more up in roughly a week from now. i'm going to visit the fam and it's my mother's camera that i take them with. :) take care!
By KABSANNIE, 7/19/2007 about
Thank you so much for joining my fan club! I think you have extremely beautiful products! I look foward to much more to come!
"There is incredible art here. Truly wonderful!"
By SBCSTUDIO, 7/18/2007 about
I love all your artistic works! So inspiring.
"Thank you for joining my fan club!"
By codfishlady, 7/18/2007 about
By HummingbirdSaint, 7/18/2007 about
you have a lot of very beautiful work here!
By sharonsharpe, 7/18/2007 about
Very nice work!!
By Ricaso_Art, 7/17/2007 about
Your butterfly art is really cool : )
By KABSANNIE, 7/17/2007 about
Hi, after seeing so many of your awesome designs today, I had to stop by your gallery and join your fan club! Excellent work! What a great addition you make to Zazzle! Welcome!
By HahpiStuff, 7/17/2007 about
I love your gallery.....I joined last night but was way too tired to leave any comments on your wall! *sorry* lol. you have beautiful butterflies....I am a butterfly nut!
"very lovely gallery Jessica ...."
By nefera, 9/2/2006 about
you are a talented and beautiful spirit !
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