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Kentucky, United States
I'm a self-taught artist/cartoonist. Drawing has always been one of my passions and life-long enjoyments. It's something that has grown with me through the years. My specialty is cartooning, whether it be fan art, comic strips, or my original creations and characters. I’m also an avid writer and enjoy writing stories, books, short stories, fanfics, and poems. I’ve written a book and hope to become a published author some day soon. I dabble in all genres, but I enjoy writing fantasy, action/adventure, sci-fi, mystery, and mild horror the most. I'm a HUGE fan, buff, lover, and collector of animated cartoons. I've been collecting cartoons since I was a kid. I love all kinds of cartoons from shorts and tv series to animated movies, my favorites being the old classics. And I'm a huge Transformers fan! =)
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