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© In my world, you'll find that even though my husband and I have been affected by things like Chronic Disease , Mental Illness , and Obesity , we have never lost our sense of humor. We believe that laughter keeps a person youthful and healthy. Sure there are times in life that call for seriousness but when you take yourself too serious all the time, it's been our experience that you'll end up being much more unhappy than us who take the stance to laugh at the things that tend to go wrong and situations that aren't so perfect. As you explore my gallery, keep in mind that it's still in it's developmental stage. New items are added as often as possible. Being a mom to a 2yr old keeps me a bit busy and doesn't allow for as much computer time as I used to have. Feel free to bookmark this page, join the fan club, and continue to revisit often. Just like a newborn child, my gallery will continue to grow. If you have any questions about the products here or have any special requests, please feel free to contact me. Don't forget to check out the "About" section to learn more about me...The Sleepy Bride. Much Love Free Top Site With the condition of the economy these days, we all need to find ways to save money . Using coupons while shopping is a great way to do so. It can even be fun! Whether you're an ol' pro or a newbie to the world of coupon clipping, The Coupon Clippers is just for you! Not only do you save money , you save time too! Click the banner above this paragraph and it will take you directly to The Coupon Clippers website. Get ready to experience the fun and exciting world of SAVINGS!! Click Here to Visit Top 100 Zazzle Sites

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"great gallery"
By robynsnest, 12/19/2011 about
love your designs. I'm a fan
By DoodlesHolidayGifts, 3/3/2011 about
for joining our fanclub. Mutual fans now. Best wishes to you.
"Sweet items Hun and good luck"
By heavenline, 2/7/2011 about
Very nice store
By suwanneeredhead, 10/16/2010 about
Thanks for the fanning, LOL! You are extremely talented yourself! Take care!
By Just_In, 11/1/2009 about
hey your shirts are pretty funny and i like the fact you don't let negative things get you down and u just keep on goin! Come see my gallery sometime www.zazzle.com/just_in*
"great stuff"
By djskagnetti, 9/23/2009 about
great stuff =)
By aliciagrime, 2/22/2009 about
Great Gallery Here Keep Up The Good Work...
By sharpcreations, 2/14/2009 about
Congrats on your little one! Maybe you'll have him early, my birthday is April 9th. April is a good month :)
"Excellent Gallery"
By Female_Supremacy, 12/22/2008 about
You have some great material here!
By olmpal, 11/18/2008 about
Great gallery, wonderful designs! Olympia
By sarahwolf2, 11/15/2008 about
Love the Hawaii Pink Sneakers. I'm a 'Pax shooter too!
"Great ideas !"
By mindpixels, 11/8/2008 about
Very creative
"Thanks, Haydee!"
By TheSleepyBride, 9/18/2008 about
Big thanks to Haydee from Staten Island for purchasing a butt load of the "Proud Grandma" buttons! With each of your purchases, you are helping my family out in unimaginable ways. You're freaking awesome girlie!
"Hello Amanda, congratz on your NEWS!! OH joy!!!"
By ToeJams, 8/23/2008 about
I love your gallery and your ABOUT page...YOU ARE a survivor and I'm so glad to see an INSPIRATION to many afflicted with medical stuff!! Best to you, going to look at yer shoe gallery now! ;)
By TheSleepyBride, 8/10/2008 about
Thanks to Adam for being the first to purchase 3 of my "I kissed a Squrriel" shirts. Don't forget to come back often and check out new stuff I add everyday!
"Thanks for showing me about Traffic Digger! "
By Pink_Frog_Ltd, 7/11/2008 about
I'll give it a try and see how it fairs. :D xx
"Thanks for the Traffic site"
By audrart, 7/9/2008 about
I already subscribe to Traffic Digger. Hasn't done much for me tho - how about you?
By blessedwedding, 7/7/2008 about
welcome to zazzle! what an amazing gallery u have here! I have a feeling you'll do great here! keep it up! tc! maria
"Posted a blog blurb about your store"
By audrart, 5/28/2008 about
"Had to add"
By audrart, 5/28/2008 about
the Schlong shirt to my favorites! I'm sure my son will want one! And you have a new fan! Great gallery. It shows your strength, love and great sense of humor. Good for you and I hope your sales soar!
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