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WOLF Blankets & Throw Rugs
WOLF Buckles
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WOLF Candy Tins and Jars
WOLF Car and Bath Mats
WOLF Cards and Business-Cards
WOLF Cheese Boards
WOLF Clocks and Watches
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WOLF Flash Drives
WOLF Gift-boxes and Tiles
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WOLF Keychains
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WOLF Lamps and Night Lights
WOLF Light Switch Plates
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WOLF Notebooks, Notepads and Writing Paper
WOLF Ornaments
WOLF Pendants and Jewelery
WOLF Pet Tags
WOLF Pillows
WOLF Playing Cards, Puzzles, Games
WOLF Prints and Posters
WOLF Serving Trays
WOLF Shirts 'n Hoodies
WOLF Skins
WOLF Sleeves and Cases
WOLF Stickers and Decals
WOLF Wallets and Purses
WOLF Water Bottles and Hip Flasks
WOLF Wrapping Paper

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Welcome to: The Wolf Den. A growing collection of Wolf Photography and Artworks on beautiful quality Gift Items. The copyrighted photography is by Skye Ryan-Evans and Val Brackenridge taken from their wildlife camera safaris around northern Canada. The Artwork is by Skye, adding a little more magic to what is already a very popular range of designs and images. We donate a minimum of 25% from every item sold, to the Defenders of Wildlife charity group at: www.defenders.org. Where no charity is indicated, we also send donations to Wildlife Direct at: www.wildlifedirect.org among other charities. Thanks for helping us to help them. We couldn't donate without your support via purchases. Please enjoy your visit!