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I am a self taught artist, and for over 30 years I have been devoted to developing a signature style. I hope you will be inspired by the color and depth of my subject matter. My website is www.comeupforairdesigns.com http://www.zazzle.com/Tnegana9

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"~Original wears for the human, canine, and feline race...and perhaps chimp wear in the future~"
By Tnegana9, 12/19/2011 about
You're looking here for something hot and conversation starting. This is true you fashion hound. Well, I have more on the way. The best is ALWAYS yet to come!
"obVious Tease shirts and wears."
By Tnegana9, 9/20/2010 about
Look for upcoming store site obVious Tease www.obvioustease.com T-shirt designs by www.comeupforairdesigns.com and all of the visions will be applied. Angels are in the midst, coming in and out just at the point of wanting to surrender in despair to the final wave. ~.~ Feel invited to become a curious fan of my work at http://www.zazzle.com/tnegana9.
By Tnegana9, 9/18/2010 about
Sometimes a hint of the unique and strangely beautiful shouldn't be so subtle. Don't you agree? Look for NEW obVious Tease brand designs...from ComeUpForAir DESIGNS by Vincent (!Tnegana) Marino Coming up to the surface from the depths: ComeUpForAir DESIGNS original wear~
"Awkwardly Clever minds think alike:"
By Tnegana9, 9/14/2010 about
My works have been described as "Awkwardly Clever" by a brilliant young lady. What a "Beautifully Ugly" compliment, which btw I happen to endorse 111% .
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