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Toad In The Hole T-shirts
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Toad In The Hole T-shirts
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Style: Ringer T-Shirt

Retro is back in style. Enjoy this vintage-inspired ringer Tee. The shirt body is light-colored with contrasting neckline and sleeve bands. Made from 159g, pre-shrunk, 100% heavyweight cotton with a seamless collar and double-needle stitched neckline, bottom and sleeve hems. Imported.


About the Design

Toad In The Hole
Oliver took it literally when he asked for more food. ~Toad in the hole is a traditional English dinner with sausages,mashed potatoes,vegetables with a nice portion of gravy in a big Yorkshire pudding {Google that because i can never describe what it is to people who have never saw one}. This tradition goes way back in the UK as the poor never had the dosh to pay for gourmet meals and had to improvise. I have to say that my mam makes the best "Toad in the hole" but she never got enough Yorkshires. I have no idea where the toad comes in,maybe it was made up as a humourous address for this dinner in the great depression. Try it,i give you a 1 hour food guarantee that you would not return this back to your mam.
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18 results
By KRWHolidays, 11/22/2009 about
If my mom was still alive I'd get her one (because she hated frogs and as any loving children would do -w e always bought her stuff with frogs) but she would have gotten a real kick out of this :)
By emele1, 12/24/2008 about
lol excellent!
By nextstopitaly, 5/10/2008 about
I love this.. 5 Stars!
"Oh Geez...."
By Donamaria, 9/21/2007 about
Sure don't know about "Toad in the Hole" but I can attest to "Frog Legs on the Grill" and um... tastes like chicken? ;) Awesome design... love the design and one-legged stance ;) Hugs, d.
"Thanks for the comments....."
By totallygraffiti, 8/10/2007 about
antymichele & jojosstuff,i really could eat one now for suppaaaaah! LOL.
"Haha!! I love toad in the hole!"
By jojosstuff, 8/7/2007 about
The food and the shirt! Very clever!
"totally awesome"
By antymichele, 8/7/2007 about
Love your designs!
"Jolly rancher could young mdemerge ...."
By totallygraffiti, 8/6/2007 about
I think a spell of c-ultra would be a nice side dressing like i had before or a splendid dash of hot sauce in the mix that makes your tongue tingle a tad bit
"Can you make like a Jell-O pudding pop with that for dessert?"
By mdemerge, 8/6/2007 about
You could call it gorgeous limey-green delight...all kidding aside, great design, very creative! Think I'm gonna Google that pudding and give it a shot meself!
"Cheers everyone...."
By totallygraffiti, 8/6/2007 about
Thanks all for your comments,i appreciate your feedback.... Yeah Kerry,in the USA a pudding is desert as it is with the UK but we have so many ways to describe 1 word in English,it can be so confusing sometimes,LOL!
By SimplyChristina, 8/5/2007 about
Very good!
By Ricaso_Art, 8/4/2007 about
Great design : )
By KRWDesigns, 8/4/2007 about
very cute! I always have trouble describing Yorkshire pudding to my friends too. My mom is English. Here if you say pudding, they think of chocolate Jello pudding type of stuff - not a bread type of thing. It's like a eggy bread - just forget the word pudding if you're American lol!
"adorable design - best of luck in the contest!"
By folkartblonde, 8/4/2007 about
By totallypainted, 8/4/2007 about
Oliver is SO cute, and really quite literal, isn't he?! You always crack me up! I like how you incorporate a bit of yourself in your designs ;) xo Lotsa luck to you :)
By totallygraffiti, 8/3/2007 about
KABSANNIE ,LOL Z-trip-you must of tasted this delicious grub and i truly believe there are no toads in this delight ~ just the whole hole of the Yorkshire-cheers for the compliment sir! Oh! and thanks to the 1 star schnookymuck going round with the green eyed monster starry 1 eyed surprise dishing out the low votes but 1 star is a vote nonetheless, gimme some more ;)
By ZsTees, 8/3/2007 about
Yep, T.G. is right, it may sound atrocious, but it truly is a delicious treat for the taste buds! Great Tee, T.G.!
By KABSANNIE, 8/3/2007 about
No comments yet.
18 results

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Made on: 8/3/2007 10:14 AM
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