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San Francisco, CA  
Digital artist / Photographer Born in France, raised in Paris I was influenced by the ever emerging urban art culture. This exposure helped shape how I design today. Coming from a family of artists I was also influenced by their artistic lifestyle. At a young age I developed a respect and appreciation of the arts. I had the privilege of working at the Louvre in Paris which provided me the exposure to a variety of artistic style. My move to California fostered my interest in digital design, graphic art and photography. My ability to integrate these mediums and others allows me to keep the canvas covered. My Concept : Art is about how you feel about a piece and how the piece makes you feel back. It's an exchange of feelings and views, silent and so loud in your brain, it's about chemical balance and opposite attraction, the contrast and the intensity. My artwork reflects the soul and spirit of a moment , with each one a different theme inspired from the streets, the people , the life and the movement of nature, organics and mechanics with my touch on it. Just a different view and representation of the world around me. I mix dream and reality , darkness and light, warm and cold, color and monochrome environment... Colors / Ambiance Tons : Color influences the viewers interpretation of the art. It impacts how you feel about the ambiance and the temperature of the piece... I attempt to capture random moments that may not be seen again. Though the use of color and design I create new art. For exemple, reflections of natural light or an early morning in the fog , a sunset, a cloudy day, a sunrise can be magic. I reinvent these moment in my artwork . Every detail has an impact and I like a nice artwork piece made with details, because it catches attention and allow the viewer to understand and appreciate the time spent on this artwork. I create art in a large size to preserve the detail when it is reproduced in smaller prints. I make them in smaller size too with the same high quality and more option to place them any where you want .
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