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ARTWORKS 415 Designs is my own line of branded original artwork, sold by independent retailers and through my own online shop, with over 4,000 products. The Tommy Noshitsky brand is recognized by locals and has been featured in various restaurants and galleries throughout San Francisco, and sold to clients all over the world. Most of my work is focused on producing for print and web, with a specialization in artwork posters and photography with over 6 years of experience. I create one of a kind art pieces utilizing Photography, digital illustration and spray painting. My work is printed on canvases, stretched and framed by myself, with an extreme attention to detail to produce high-end original painting. I started using this technique over six years ago, and successfully branded this style over the years. Most of my designs are created digitally first, it allows me to keep details and scale my work . I use them as a foundation for my original paintings, and market them online through various channels. My designs are meant to be affordable, available on various products like posters prints, canvas prints, wood panel, and more… The range of designs, sizes and the variety of products make it easy for people to pick the right item and style to fit their budget. PHOTOGRAPHY I am a professional Photographer, passionate and always on a hunt for cool shots. I like to work a variety of style utilizing studio and professional equipments in different conditions. Retouching is a big part of my workflow, I enjoy learning and utilizing various techniques. MY PASSION My dog Stewie! I am a rescue dog owner, dog foster and animal lover. Anything PHOTOGRAPHY & TECH! My friends call me when they need tech support, I own 4 rooted android devices,a LG G watch, a apple tv, a chromecast, 2 apple computers, a 20’ cintiq tablet, a 10’ tablet, 2 DSLR with 2 TTL Flashes, a strobe and some more photography equipments…. I love TECH! I understand that perfection is perfectible and I like to improve, this is why I am always happy to challenge myself and push my creative boundaries! The past six years have been a great adventure, my focus on small business development through design and marketing has given me many opportunities, and I am ready to take on bigger projects and campaigns.