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Welcome to the online shop for .knit.g33k., a place to find all the things your geeky little heart loves. This shop is being filled with all kinds of funky things, as my "patient and tolerant" husband (patent pending) and I work diligently towards opening our shop! While we get the physical store ready, you can enjoy some of the g33kery for yourself. (While in the process, boosting up some interest and fundage for the shop!) Keep knitting, gaming, and smelling the 8 bit roses. Best Wishes, Tonks and 12 www.knitg33k.com ***The .knit.g33k. logo© was created by Tonks for use by the .knit.g33k. store and online shop. Don't use it. Don't take it. We will know. We has weapons of both the stabbity-stab and the pew-pew-pew variety. We also has boom stick. And, much like Ash (yay "Army of Darkness" reference!) It is indeed a Remington. Besides. People who take images without permission are the suck.***