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Disrupting your world view, one t-shirt at a time! I'm a cynical, sarcastic and mischievious Canadian trickster, now living in South Texas. I thrive on sarcasm and wit, and I really enjoy the design process. I hope that every design I make is an improvement from the one before. I welcome any and all comments. Let me know what you like and what you don't like. It'll only help to make me a better designer afterall. And if you're one of the wonderful people that has recently bought one of my shirts, first off THANK YOU!!! And secondly, PLEASE,send me a picture of yourself wearing said shirt. I'd LOVE to post them on my gallery! Canada Day is fast approaching. Why not show your national pride with one of these designs! create & buy custom products at Zazzle At long last, I've decided to release some of my more popular (and some of my favourites) designs on mousepads! buy unique gifts at Zazzle In other news, I've just joined up with TheTalkingShirt.com please go over there and check out the other stores over there too.

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"it is a sweet ride twisted diva the gallery and this life thanx bconst"
By allegra_online, 2/27/2011 about
Beautiful gallery!!!
"Fan Club"
By GhostlyChills, 5/9/2010 about
Come over to my web store GhostlyChills and become a member of my fan club.
"Hey Trickster I'm Ur Newest FAN!!!"
By KnightOwl, 11/6/2008 about
U have a very funny gallery! I may just become ur 1st Zazzle stalker! GREAT designs overall fluidity best of luck Trickster!!!
By ELENNE, 11/1/2008 about
Awesome gallery, You have some beautiful and amzing designs. I just join your fan club. :-)
By olmpal, 10/21/2008 about
Cool stuff you have here! Olympia
"Yo Trickster D!"
By Gingerbloke, 10/20/2008 about
Big thank you fro joining my gallery. Pleased you like my designs enough to join it of your own free will (nobody forced you to did they?) ha ha. Hope you drop by many times. Respect from me and Dark Derek (and the snowmen).
By tricksterdesigns, 10/17/2008 about
That you so kindly for the positive words. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit through my store!
By blessedwedding, 10/16/2008 about
hehehe what an awesome ocking place u have here, enjoyed going through all yr stuff awesome!
By tricksterdesigns, 10/1/2008 about
firedupwear: Well, I have so many designs because I have a cafepress store too, and had already made some. Also, on days when I have enough time to sit, I'll usually come up with maybe 3 or 4 designs. So they add up after awhile. Missing the Texas heat is probably something I'll NEVER say, since the part of Canada I'm from regularly gets to -40F in the winter time. I'm much more suited for the colder climes. lol.
By firedupwear, 10/1/2008 about
You have been on zazzle not that long and you have so many designs? Amazing! We both seem to have something sort of in common. You moved from Canada and your not used to the Texas heat... I currently live in Seattle but I moved from Houston, Tx. I miss that Texas heat. =P
By tricksterdesigns, 9/30/2008 about
animalfayr: I don't think your suspicions about McCain are all that unfounded. I've seen it too. He looks haggard and just generally unhealthy. Look at the broohaahaa about his medical records. Hannity, Limbaugh and their ilk did their best to have an ad calling McCains medical records into question pulled from the airwaves, and it succeeded! Why so aggressive about keeping that info out of the public's hands? Saw your Palin parrot design. LOVED IT! Cheers.
"Cool gallery !"
By JayBakkerArt, 9/25/2008 about
Thanks for joining my club !
"wonderful gallery"
By Ratso59, 9/25/2008 about
great designs, very creative.
"Thank you!"
By tricksterdesigns, 9/25/2008 about
animalfayr: Glad y aliked the Spanish Inquisition t-shirt. Sure there's the Python skit reference in there, but I'm wondering if people seeing the shirt get the point I'm trying to make about Palin. Hope so. She scares me.
By animalfayr, 9/25/2008 about
hey ... a belated Thank you for joining my fan club. I liked your Spanish Inquisition t-shirt & gave it a 5. Monty Python fans should unite!
By CHUCKLEMEDIA, 9/20/2008 about
Without sarcasm there would be no need to live. Live on, Tricksterdesigns! Thanks for the FC join. Right back at you.
By AnitudeTees, 9/17/2008 about
Hi tricksterdesigns! I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for the encouraging feedback and positive energy you conveyed on my forum topic. We really appreciate it. We thought some of the text on your designs were hillarious. Keep it up!
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