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Custom cool graphic design t-shirt and unique gift shop! I like to design and create graphics that are cute, fun, and colorful. Hopefully you like my gallery and thanks for all the kind compliments. If you like Doodle art, feel free to visit another gallery of mine: Oodles Doodles

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"Your Great Art"
By Marianne, 11/12/2012 about
Hello, my name is Marianne and I just saw your art and thought it was beautiful. I am new to the site and I am just looking around right now. Don't have any of my products yet. I saw yours and I was like whoa. I would like to ask you a question, and I hope you don't mind answering. Like I said I am new to the site and I am not sure how to create my products on the site yet. How do you make your images -do you draw by hand first and then work in Adobe Illustrator to trace them and make them printable images or do you draw in Illustrator directly? I can draw pretty well, but I don't know Illustrator or Photoshop. So when I draw by hand, it looks like a drawing and NOT the printable image. Yours and others on the site look like a printable image. So this is my question how is that accomplished I mean the look like it is a printable image and not a drawing? Thanks in advance for your answer, it would be much appreciated. Your work shows that you sure know what you are doing and I just hope you wouldn't mind answering my question. Marianne
By LdeCassanth, 12/19/2011 about
Really great designs here, I'm a new fan!
By monkley_designs, 12/19/2011 about
great stuff, I'm a fan!!
"Can't wait to see more!!"
By KarrrFun, 12/19/2011 about
Sweet Stuff :)!!
By Dano Doucette, 10/14/2011 about
Great artwork and store! I am a BIG fan! :)
By D. Vader, 8/15/2011 about
Congrats! Very Nice Store!
"Cool Store!"
By Ronspassionfordesign, 6/27/2011 about
Best of luck! Congrats *•.☆.•*´☆`*•on your latest TBA! ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★!! Ron
"nice shop"
By AbundanceLoveTrip, 3/6/2010 about
"Nice Chinese Words"
By siugumzai, 1/26/2010 about
Hi Logan (羅根), Oh, you are not Chinese? Well, nice design with chinese words. Love it. Thanks.
"great designs"
By digitalmwc, 9/1/2009 about
This is one of the best shops I've seen.Great designs.
"Great Work!"
By lifesphere, 8/11/2009 about
Very good work on colors
"Everything here is SO cute..."
By KarateKatGraphics, 8/4/2009 about
and you're hugely talented. Featuring several stamp designs on my Squidoo page. I adore your shop
"Love your recycle items!!!"
By jgh96sbc, 7/10/2009 about
By tshirtdujour, 5/31/2009 about
thanks, you are so sweet, and you have a great gallery too!
By chysshirts, 5/31/2009 about
wonderful work here, of to look around
By toetoedesign, 4/19/2009 about
Great Work Ever !! [ toetoedesign ]
By woodlandhills, 4/6/2009 about
cool gallery
By TibetanSky, 2/20/2009 about
awesome gallery!
By oodlesdoodles, 2/14/2009 about
I am glad to see my design there, it is really cool :)
By RavagE637, 2/14/2009 about
Caught one of your designs on login page felt like saying GOOD JOB
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