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Wit and wisdom from a Yiddishe-Kop's eye view. Bubbie used to say, "Never go out unless you're dressed to step out of a band box." We agree, so our array of schmatahs includes ties, tees, hats, totes, and more. Express your neshumah in Hebrew, Yiddish, English, transliterations or fun and pithy social commentary. And best of all, you can customize everything! (Wouldn't Zeyde just kvel?) If we can help you with something special, please let us know. ( For a b'nai mitzvah, or an uff-ruff maybe?) We offer a full line of cheerful mugs, magnets, pins and stickers (all you Cheder teachers take note) to encourage budding scholars and buoy the spirits of all working folks. (At least that's the plan...) Check out our useful Passover items as well as other holiday tchotchkies. And when all is said and done, "OY!" says it all. So browse, enjoy and thank you for your visit. Check out our sister shops Randomly Yours... and The Timeless Table . For Alternate Reality Art visit Nightmareartist and if you love fossils see Fat Boy Fossils .