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Courier New.......really? Can you feel it?....... ..............No me neither. Don't get me wrong, it's a very respectable and useful font. Just not very expressive, lacks personality..... your personality! You're probably thinking "Well I love Broadway show tunes, but sending e-mail in Playbill is a great way to irritate my friends, and a resume written in Comic Sans, now that would surely alienate my associates. " Exactly the point. We all need an opportunity to show our personal affinity for a favorite font without reservation. typeFACE is just that, a typographical celebration! Co-worker a little, well you know, Sans Serif? And how about your neighbors, are they fun Candy Bits or fashionable Chic Decay? Or are they ol' Clunkers? Horse Puke, rustic and, well, truly gross, is irresistable on a coffee mug. Alien Argonaut, Birth of a Hero, Superstar, which font style suits you? So many fonts and products to choose from. Check out our Hot off the press section for the latest fonts!

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