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Welcome To My World! We’re not rich or famous, or as seen on TV, but we are a lovable little planet filled with adorable characters & creatures, dripping in cuteness! We’re also desperate & we’ll do AFB! (anything for a buck!) So buy something already! Anything? A button maybe? You there lady, we make good deal for you, nice lady! We’ll even customize anything you see here! Disclaimer: Please proceed with a sense of humor! If you don’t have a sense of humor, what are you doing here? All of us here at Tyty’s Planet, (along with Tyty, & some guy named Eugene who brings me my mail) have a sense of humor! (Well, maybe Eugene gets a little touchy at times, (like it’s MY fault the pit-bull bit him!) But mostly we’re happy & hospitable! So feel free to look around, & make yourself at home! & next time bring brownies! Thank you for visiting our planet!

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