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"What you should say to outsiders is that a Christian has neither more nor less rights in our Association than an atheist. When our platform becomes too narrow for people of all creeds and of no creeds, I myself shall not stand upon it." - Susan B. Anthony

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"Thank You"
By adrianasimo, 11/9/2010 about
I am glad you feature my son's Art, he is a teen with Autism and he was very happy when he saw the site with his name.
By spike_wolf, 11/9/2010 about
thank you very much
By evilenterprizez, 11/8/2010 about
Thanks for the feature on Squidoo, much appreciated
"Thanks for featuring my Zazzle Shop!"
By Artamatik, 11/8/2010 about
By jamesatracy, 11/8/2010 about
Just added your store to The Atheist Spot's index of atheist themed gear: http://www.atheistspot.com/gear/store/93/ It will take some time for it to index everything.
By briman232, 11/7/2010 about
Looks like you've hit the ground running. Very nice.
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