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Alex Jones has frequently said it, and Glenn Beck has shown THIS ***Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God*** image (the image favored by Thomas Jefferson for the Great Seal of America ) on his show in May 2010, and the morning of the Divine Destiny event at the Kennedy Center, 27 August 2010, prior to the 28 August Restoring Honor Rally. Friend & Subscribe on youtube LIKE our PAGE US Patriot Gear on Facebook.

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By LiquidEyes, 11/1/2011 about
Thanks so much!
While this store was started to support and promote the Tea Party movement, which is all about eliminating the US debt and avoiding total bankruptcy, things have evolved quite a bit and we are doing quite alot of educational work in promoting the right individual for President who will also handle the huge threat of islam in the USA. Friend Cracker Jack on face book for information on the dangers of islam and why we think Allen West is the best option for President of the USA in 2012.
"thanks to FB Friends"
Hello: FYI, accounts are being deleted from Facebook, and while our page is still online, the libertybellefox account has been deleted. More information about this here: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/its-official-majority-of-americans-are-on-facebook/comment-page-2/#comment-860719
By SuperPatriot1776, 2/7/2011 about
Very cool designs! Thanks for joining my fan club! It's mutual! www.SuperPatriot1776.com
By TrudyWilkerson, 1/1/2011 about
Just wanted to take a moment and wish you much success and happiness in 2011. Always appreciate your visits and your being a a club member of mine. Best regards, Trudy
"Merry Christmas !"
By US_Patriot_Gear, 12/23/2010 about
Hello and Merry Christmas all fans and visitors. All success in the New Year! And great appreciation for the friendship and purchases!
"Angelic Wings on A Mission Of Peace, Love And Joy..."
By angelic_wings, 12/21/2010 about
For This Christmas Celebration And The New Year 2011! Every Time You Gaze At A Star Remember jesus Love For the Human Race! Best Wishes Nydia.
"Hi There!"
By Ronspassionfordesign, 12/15/2010 about
Cool Store!Have a Great Christmas & Wonderful New Year! Ron
"Fifty States of Rebellion"
By US_Patriot_Gear, 11/4/2010 about
In a State of Rebellion? Who isn't? All 50 States are now included with the Rebellion to Tyrants image, in the States of Rebellion category. Also see Rebellion to Tyrants Store
By Christian53, 10/18/2010 about
Great store!....be a good patriot and visit mine sometime.
By breathe_art, 9/27/2010 about
thanks for the comments :)
By TrudyWilkerson, 9/26/2010 about
Politics I see is keeping you busy, keep up the good work.... going to send you an email regarding something... best regards... and I'm a fan.
"AGAIN today on Glenn Beck, Video of Rebellion Great Seal"
By US_Patriot_Gear, 8/27/2010 about
I can tell by the topics Glenn raises that he'll be going to the Great Seal image of Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God. He really likes it. Maybe you'd find it handy, too. Best to all at the Divine Destiny & Restoring Honor Washington DC rally. I'm following on Facebook pages ....
By nrgwrkr, 8/19/2010 about
Love the store! Thanks for being a fan!
By patriotdesigns, 8/19/2010 about
Hey! Thanks for stopping by at my store and leaving a comment. Your products are inspirational!
"Strength and support"
By US_Patriot_Gear, 8/18/2010 about
Best regards to all fellow store owners, stalwartly holding to excellence in zazzling ... ;-) - new phrases on T-shirts. Expect Miracles!
By SuperiorGraphics, 8/18/2010 about
Just Stopped By This month to say hello to my fellow Patriots. Keep up the Battle. We Are Gaining steam.
By CrimsonWarrior, 8/11/2010 about
Thanks for joining our fanclub (-_-)
"I support our troops!"
By KidsOnlyProducts, 8/9/2010 about
Let the military run the military, not the goverment.
By grrrgraphics, 8/8/2010 about
Grrr-Great Gallery here! Thanks for taking a stand against Tyranny!
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