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This site is still under development. Do not use the comments to send me notes, I don't read them or check this site. Please email me at christina(atsign)dropsoul(dot)com. I'll be back by end of August, 2008 This used to be a GoodStorm store, where I could limit the ability to print my designs only on fair made apparel, this is not the case anymore. Zazzle allows you, the customer, to choose your garment. Among those choices are products of highly questionable origin. Fortunately you can get Edun Live apparel here: the only Fair Trade t-shirt available for POD (print on demand) stores. Good going Zazzle! You can also get American Apparel here, which is verified fair labor and made in the USA in Los Angeles. I strongly suggest that you only purchase these compassionate messages and designs on good Karma t-shirts such as American Apparel and/or Edun-Live. Then you can be assured of it being truly fair made or fair trade and not just lip service. All other product lines, including Alternative Apparel and Bella and, especially, all the garments that have no manufacturer specified, are not verified to be made fair. Know thy source. Vegans Pay It Forward! This site is still under development. Earth Friendly Green Web Hosting