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Being a college student is an expensive venture, so to have you here in my store is exciting for me. Where I enjoy making these many wonderful things for you, I also am here to make a profit and I'm not going to deny that. Anything you purchase here is greatly appreciated, as it helps me in my life as a college student. So thank you, very much, for taking an interest in my store. I like a lot of different things and understand that most people do too so I try to make a little of everything. I have tried to put some focus on cheeky attitudes and the Rock Music culture. I take all my own photos. All the concerts I attend where photography is permitted I try to get the best photos I possibly can and am using them here for your enjoyment. Some photos I have left in the original state while others I have edited somewhat. I have also made some other products that may interest you, or if you have something of mine you prefer, please let me know and I will put more focus on it. Any suggestions are appreciated. And please don't hesitate to refer my store to your friends! -VicChiq

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By orange_tictac, 1/27/2009 about
Very cute stuff girly!! I love the facebook myspace mouse pad and the *poke* pass it one!
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