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VietHope shares the dream that Vietnam shall become a prosperous country where every child shall grow up with an opportunity to reach his or her full potential. VietHope is thus dedicated to Vietnam's socioeconomic development, which we believe must be based on long-term perspectives and sustainable results. It is our conviction that good education is indispensable in attaining this goal. Therefore, our efforts will primarily focus on supporting programs and projects to promote the education of the children of Vietnam. We do so in the spirit of mutual respect and genuine commitment to work alongside the beneficiaries and partner organizations in and outside Vietnam. Coming from many corners of the world and from various educational and professional experiences, we share the desire to contribute to Vietnam's future. Working together in friendship and responsibility towards one another, and fully utilizing our individual as well as collective resources, we believe that VietHope can make a real difference. Everyone who shares our dream and principles is invited to join VietHope, regardless of his or her ethnicity, nationality, and political or religious preferences. If you'd like to learn more, please visit www.viethope.org. While here at our VietHope Zazzle site, you can help children in Vietnam pay their school fees and books and help build new schools and libraries in rural villages by purchasing our VietHope Zazzle products. Thank you for visiting us!

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