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The illustrations you see here are mostly from my children's book ABC Animals . It's a picture book containing an animal, with an adjective to describe it, for each letter of the alphabet. ABC Animals By Vincent Poke Book Preview If you see a design you really like but want it on a different product, just drop me a comment and I'll make it happen! Thanks for stopping by :)

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By CaArtstudio, 3/21/2009 about
Just discovered your gallery. Awesome characters!!! :)
By misskitteh, 3/20/2009 about
WOW!!!! I love your gallery!
By kanjiz, 11/30/2008 about
wow, your creativity is amazing.
"So Cute!"
By riyahlidesigns, 11/18/2008 about
I love your art! You are a fav!
"Cool work!"
By picklelilly, 11/8/2008 about
Loving the messy mole badge, all the best, Pickle Lilly
"Nice work !"
By kunipopo, 10/5/2008 about
I love original artworks. . . and since your from australia, darwin northern territory im gonna join ur fan club! (Im from sydney, australia)
By ticklemonkey, 10/5/2008 about
Your artwork is incredible!
"extra cooool"
By fawazo, 9/19/2008 about
love your characters
By fat_fa_tin, 9/4/2008 about
thanks so much for joining my fan club! cheers :) welcome to zazzle!
By olmpal, 8/31/2008 about
Vinko for kids very cute!
"Great Gallery!!"
By pocketsfulloflove, 8/30/2008 about
Love your gallery!! I'm your fan!!! : )))
"I like your product line --"
By Rebecca_Reeder, 7/13/2008 about
combining your character type with an adjective of the same letter.
"absolutely love your designs and gallery !!!"
By karin_taylor_zazzle, 7/7/2008 about
i am a fan!
By evilapple11, 7/7/2008 about
love the frogs, can you make pig stuff????????
By vinko1, 7/6/2008 about
Thanks PlasmicSteve for the comment. Your work is pretty cool too.
By PlasmicSteve, 6/24/2008 about
Great products - I love the Grumpy Gorilla most of all, even though he seems kinda angry.
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16 results