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"You are right..."
By nobama08, 3/27/2010 about
He's more Marxist. Like my Mother use to say....Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are...
"Can you read?"
By hook412, 2/9/2010 about
Tell me where in this article it says that Sarah Palin is for the "violent overthrow of the US Government"? http://apnews.myway.com/article/20100207/D9DN3T0G0.html She states "America is ready for another revolution". Do know the definition of revolution? Look it up. I know you won't because that would require you actually checking your facts, something liberals are very reluctant to do.
"Obama is a Socialist Bumper Sticker"
By Libertymaniacs, 2/8/2010 about
You wrote: "Obama is not even close to a socialist. Go reread the tenants of socialism from a reputable source instead of relying on chain emails from rednecks." Not even close to a socialist? One that is not even close to a socialist believes in individuals acting freely, e.g., laissez faire, free-market advocates. The nationalization of one of the largest companies in the World, along with one of the largest financial institutions, sprinkled with historically radical Keynesian fiscal and monetary measures unfortunately puts Obama closer to the "socialist camp" than we care to see. Obama may be more of a corporativist than anything to be sure, but laissez faire he is not. Socialism encompasses a huge number of divergent interventionist philosophies from English Fabianism, to technocratic Saint-Simonian socialism, to, of course, Marxism. It's a pretty big target to hit. Obama's views might not be identical to, say, Wilhelm Weitling or old Chucky Fourier, but they certainly are far from Ludwig von Mises.
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