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I have a love for fractal art but my passion is Photography. Specifically, HDR's. I use Apophysis for the fractals and at high resolutions and the best quality render settings. So if you see something you like I would really appreciate your purchase. Even one postcard keeps me going and improving my work. Thank you in advance and I hope you enjoy your stay. Email me at watamyr@gmail.com

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By Tj, 12/19/2011 about
Love your store! I'm a big fan. Best of sales in 2011!!
"Hi watamyr!"
By Ronspassionfordesign, 1/14/2011 about
Very Cool Store! Best of luck to you! Have a Bllessed New Year! Ron
"Thank you!"
By leannem, 7/1/2010 about
Your worked grabbed my attention! Sensational Gallery of work! :)
"Nice gallery! I'm a fan!"
By Sandyspider, 6/21/2010 about
Thank you for adding this to RocketMoms Zazzle Galleries Come back and sign the guestbook to view your shop.
"Fantastic Work"
By michaelsnydermusic, 6/19/2010 about
I have to say you do some amazing work. Your sense of composition is fantastic and your use of tech is unique. I'm not sure what those tools you mention are but you make me want to find out. Keep it up, you have a new fan!
"Fabulous Photos"
By partygames, 6/16/2010 about
Congratulations on your TBA and your eye for beauty. You've captured and shared some beautiful images. Thank you and best of luck.
"Great Talent, Great Gallery"
By tyounglyle, 6/8/2010 about
I have joined your FC you have some really awesome works here I ahve Faved a couple selections. Will be back often!! Tamera
"Thanks so much for your visit and kind comments!"
By Regella, 6/4/2010 about
Enjoying your shop....Your fan, Regina
By Shoetiedesigncolette, 6/2/2010 about
Cool store*****
"Nice photo :)"
By BengLim, 5/7/2010 about
"Thanks for your visit. You have wonderful photos here."
By elenaind, 5/6/2010 about
All the best,Elena
By gabycat, 5/5/2010 about
Thank you so much for your comments :) Your photographs are AMAZING! Love your store, all the best.
By janettetsmith, 5/4/2010 about
Great place! Thanks for your comments. Much success.
"Your photography is marvellous.. I love it!!"
By Pip_Gerard, 5/4/2010 about
If you haven't already you should really put your work on Red Bubble too. Thanks for the wonderful comment... was truly chuffed to read it.
By Daniel_photo, 5/4/2010 about
Great gallery here! Very nice work! :D Thanx for your comment!
By Kidd_Ikarus, 5/4/2010 about
Thanks for the comments man. You got some really cool stuff here!
By segrid, 5/4/2010 about
thanks for joining the ol' fan club! i particularly like the texture of your photos... and those epic cloudscapes!
"awesome stuff!"
By djskagnetti, 5/4/2010 about
i really like your designs =)
"Awesome...simply said !"
By mindpixels, 5/3/2010 about
By MissNNick, 5/1/2010 about
Thank you for the nice comment on my gallery! Your work is very cool. So interesting!
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