Acerca de Inspiration Series by PMILLER

Owings Mills, MD, United States
Tienda abierta en 7/13/2009

Descripción de la tienda:

About the Artist “By cultivating the beautiful we scatter the seeds of heavenly flowers, as by doing good we cultivate those that belong to humanity”: Robert Heinlein When Pamela first read those words she sensed the truth inherent in them and felt she could cultivate beauty through her paintings. Her artwork is sometimes peaceful and serene, other times strange and chaotic, but always vibrant and colorful. She channels her emotions and passions through her brush onto the canvas. Her brush strokes can be layered with heavy texturing or other times light and pure simplicity. A study in contrasts, her paintings reflect the inspiration she finds from science to fantasy, from martial arts to meditation, and from the glory of natural landscapes/seascapes to the heights of human engineering. The Artist’s Journey Pamela E. Miller was born near Baltimore, Maryland into a family that encouraged her creative passions in a myriad of ways. Her father was a prominent business owner and instilled in Pamela the value of an entrepreneurial attitude. Her mother, also a business professional and artist in her own right, provided her with art supplies and training tools to develop her artistic talents. As a child, she worked in crayons, finger paints, pastels and molding clays then moved into oil paints, acrylics and watercolors as a young adult. But no matter what the medium, her parents both told her that the only limits she had in creating were those that she placed on herself. Being near the museums of both Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD., her family spent weekends exploring and studying the works of the famous masters with Pam, in order to further her education. While in high school, Pamela began to refine and hone her art by concentrating on technical accuracy and proper perspective through painting in realistic manner. However, over time, she felt constrained and began experimenting in an abstract style more suited to her boundless imagination. Pamela received many accolades and awards in school for her artworks and went on to study at Maryland Institute of Art in the summer of 1985. As a young adult, Pamela succumbed to the needs of everyday life and went to school for Computer Engineering, working in the technology industry for a number of years. However, the creative fires that smoldered within her began to burn brightly and she decided to go back and focus her time exclusively in the art world. “To Change One’s Life: Start Immediately. Do it flamboyantly. No exceptions”: William James Pamela reverently follows Mr. James’ advice everyday and has never once looked back from her chosen path. In recent years, she has been featured in NY Arts Magazine and Home and Décor Magazine. She has also won awards for her paintings through several of the online galleries she works with. She has sold her works to over 100 clients internationally and continues to break the rules through her unique style and her eagerness to try new things. For the first years of her career as a professional artist, she focused on developing a strong presence on the internet and appearing in a select few traditional brick and mortar fine art galleries. Now her work can be seen in prominent homes, corporate collections and fine art galleries across the country