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My shop offers funny and heartwarming designs of boxers, boston terriers, and boxers and boston terriers together, on all kinds of products. I will continue to add new designs so check back often.

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"Cease and Desist"
By Fender Bunny, 7/24/2013 about
I am the owner of Fender Bunny and I ask that you immediately cease and desist the use of the term and pull all products containing the term
"Beautiful gallery!!!"
By allegra_online, 2/27/2011 about
and Cool! Love your gallery!
"Love your store!"
By dmboyce, 9/24/2009 about
I love your Boston Terrier products. They are so so cute. Thank you for stopping by my place and leaving such nice comments. I've joined your fan club too. I look forward to seeing more BT stuff!
"Great Designs!!! Love Your Dogs!!!"
By IsabelDC, 9/13/2009 about
By WildThings, 8/26/2009 about
Great way to highlight your love of animals. Thank you for the visit.
By w0ofie, 8/25/2009 about
Love your store...and thanks for joining my fan club! Your babies are too cute and I have 3 wigglebutts in our home!
"Love your store!"
By MostlyAnimalArt, 8/25/2009 about
I love your subjects, as I am an Aunt to two Bostons and a Boxer. They are both such an awesome breed! And the two together seem to fit just perfectly. Thank you for joining my fan club, and I of course just had to join yours :-)
By CreatureCreations, 8/24/2009 about
Very Awesome Store You Have. Great Photographs And Sayings! Too Cute :) Thanks for visiting and for joining my Fan Club! I'm a fan of yours too.
By wigglebutthut, 8/16/2009 about
Well, my store is done for the most part. Now I just need to fine-tune a few things and add new designs as I get new ideas for them. Thanks for the words of encouragement Ritmoboxer!
"Thanks for nice comment on my stuff"
By ritmoboxer, 8/9/2009 about
I have 4 wigglebutts (boxers) at home so I understand your love of your pets. I love your photos. Keep up the good work!
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