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WonderArt is a store that has a variety of colorful products that are fractal designs, non fractal patterns and sayings I design. I love color so you will see large amounts of color and bright graphic designs in my art. I have over a thousand products to choose from in this store. Please take the time to look for Zazzle's sales and the code for your purchases at the top of the page. When you purchase an item in my store, use the Zazzle's sale code to get a discount on your purchases if there is a sale going on at the time. This is how to navigate through my store. 1. Right now you are on my storefront page seeing many different square fractal categories. Note that some categories won't have the same patterns as shown on the squares like "original fractals and fractal borders." 2. Click on a fractal category to see many different color choice categories of that fractal pattern. 3. Find the colored fractal pattern of your choice and click on that category to see the products of that specific fractal color choice. *All products can be seen no matter if you are on my storefront, second category or third category pages. The categories are just there to make all my fractals organized in groups. Thanks for visiting my store and feel free to check out my other new store as well*. If you have any questions about my designs on zazzle's products in my store, feel free to send me a message.

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By Etoonsy, 1/17/2015 about
Your designs are fabulous! Love them all!
By PLdesign, 7/24/2014 about
Thanks for you kind comment, your art is gorgeous!
By Alicia, 7/18/2014 about
Great store with lovely artwork!
"Great Work =)"
By SpectacularDesigns, 7/15/2014 about
Very nice your work...keep up the good work =) Uncle Mike =)
By Pauline Wherrell, 8/7/2013 about
Wonderful store Missey - you have some great designs! Love the colours!
"Awesome store!"
By Colin Trierweiler, 6/26/2013 about
Love your designs. So colorful. I'm working on building my own store selling fractal images right now. Hopefully it turns out half as cool as yours.
"Hi Missy, Your store is looking great!"
By Ronspassionfordesign, 3/26/2013 about
We wish you and family a blessed Easter. Ron
"Great Store!"
By Serena L. Howlett, 3/22/2013 about
I love how colorful your designs are!
Your store products are mesmerizing, Missey. Enjoyed looking around.
By J. Reed, 2/8/2013 about
You have a great store! Much success!
"Very nice!"
By Laurie, 1/27/2013 about
I love the designs especially on the pillows, all the best!
"Hey Missey"
By BeastModeGymTankTops, 1/26/2013 about
Thanks again for liking my store I don't remember if I told you but I love the fractals you got going here and also I've made some updates to my site and I wanted to tell you about em so you can do it too. On my sidebar you'll see I did a facebook like button linking to my fan page, the vote buttons that go to toplists where you can put your site if you havent already, and you can resize the flash panel at the top to fit better the width and height will adjust to whatever you set it to.
"Wonderful Shop!:)"
By Agnieszka, 1/26/2013 about
Great designs- I love it!:)
"Hi Missey, Nice to meet you, cool stores, all the best!"
By Ronspassionfordesign, 1/23/2013 about
Wishing you a blessed New Year! Ron
By ym chin, 1/19/2013 about
Wow!! Truly fantastic artwork! I'm a fan!
"Hi! ☆◠‿◠☆"
By Bluedarkat, 1/16/2013 about
Awesome Art and Colors You have here!!! Wonderful Store!!! Wish You the Best! ☆◠‿◠☆
By Stacie Casey, 8/26/2012 about
Very nice!! I love the designs especially on the pillows! Wishing you the best of luck and many sales!
By Steve Young, 8/25/2012 about
Wonderful store and fantastic art - I wish you great success!
By M.M. Anderson, 8/23/2012 about
Thanks for commenting on my store and liking it. You have some wonderful and colorful images here. Wishing you success!
By Dean Johnson, 8/14/2012 about
So colorful.
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