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Words & Unwords
Intentional Intelligent Humor - Scientific Fun For All Seasons
Washington, United States
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Pass Or Not To Pass? That Is The Question (Bridge)
One Can Never Play Too Much Bridge
Life Is A Game Bridge Is Serious (Card Suits)
Eat...Sleep...Bridge (Bridge Card Suits Attitude)
Bridge Is My Religion Card Suits Bridge Saying
Bridge Is Part Of My Existence Card Suits
Express Your Rational Side Play Duplicate Bridge
Reduce Your Mental Errors Take Advantage Opponents
Work Is For People Who Do Not Play Bridge
Bridge Players Do It With Finesse
Bridge Is A Game Of Specific Communication Rules
Be Systematic Play Bridge (Four Card Suits)
I Never Get Tired Of The Great Game Of Bridge
Keep Calm Play Bridge (Four Card Suits)
Sorry, Partner Should Not Have Finessed The Honor
Do Not Sit Out The Game Of Bridge (Card Suits)
Some Days I Have A Crush On The Game Of Bridge
Guess Intelligently Play Bridge Card Suits
Wanted A Good Bridge Partner (Bridge Attitude)
If Bridge Is Just A Game Then Grand Canyon Hole AZ
Duplicate Bridge A Game Where Intelligent Minds
Leads Provide Significant Clues Key Cards Bridge
Play Bridge It's A Form Of Mental Ballet
Bridge Is A Game Of Heaven & Hell
Bridge / Duplicate Bridge Calendars
Bridge Is Not A Game Of Chance
Do Not Be Fearful Or Greedy When Play Duplicate
Bridge Game Where You Have To Think Other People
The Game Of Bridge Demands Total Concentration
Four Card Suits (Bridge Duplicate Bridge)
Take Time To Play Bridge (Four Card Suits)
Pay Attention To A Posteriori Probabilties Bridge
Duplicate Bridge Players Venit Psallebat Victis
Lose Track Of Time Play Bridge (Card Suits)
Wanted A Dependable Bridge Partner Card Suits
I Play Bridge During Morning, Noon & Night
Have A Full Deck In Life Play Bridge (Card Suits)
Keeping The Bidding Alive Redouble (Card Suits)
Take A Detour From The Ordinary Play Bridge
As The Play Of The Hand Develops Watch How Odds
One Can Never Spend Too Much Time Playing Bridge
Ever Since I Started Playing Bridge Became Free
Play Bridge It's A Nonpareil Game
Are You Hungry For Bridge? (Four Card Suits)
Take Advantage Of Irrational Opponents Play Bridge
Key Card Placement Is The Name Of The Game
Bridge Is A Game With Its Own Rhyme Reason
Do Not Be Quixotic Play Bridge (Four Card Suits)
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