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Intentional Intelligent Humor - Scientific Fun For All Seasons
Washington, United States
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Blame My Neurotransmitters If Not Paying Attention
Insufficient Memory Inside Neuron Synapse
Just Neurologically Wired Success Neuron Synapse
Thought Process Experimentation Inside Neuron
Just Pay Attention (Neuron / Synapse)
Alert And Attentive Inside Neuron Synapse Humor
Slow Down Let Your Synapses Fire Neuron / Synapse
Synaptic Pruning Inside Neuron Synapse Humor
Just A Thought... (Neuron / Synapse)
What's On My Nerves? The Myelin Sheath
Remember: Learning Is An Iterative Process Synapse
I Keep Forgetting About My Short Attention Span
Habit A Form Of Neurological Implementation Neuron
Neuron / Synapse Calendars
Thought Is A Matter Of Synaptic Attention (Neuron)
Not Yet Retired ... Still Thinking Neuron Synapse
It's Not Worth A Synapse To Worry Right Now
Warning! Faulty Connections Inside Neuron Synapse
Just Sending You My Thoughts (Neuron / Synapse)
Warning! Malfunctioning Neurotransmitters Inside
Practicing Neurologist Inside Neuron Synapse
Deep Thinker Inside (Neuron / Synapse)
Sometimes Thinking Hurts My Neurons
Creative Laborer Inside Neuron Synapse Humor
Neurological Plumbing Inside (Neuron / Synapse)
Take The Synaptic Leap Think (Neuron / Synapse)
Make The Creative Connections Think (Neuron)
VIP Thought Neuron Synapse Biology Humor
Chance Favors The Intuitively Connected Neuron
Give Your Neurons A Rest Take A Nap Neuron Synapse
Hebbian Learning Cells That Fire Together
Primary Consciousness Inside (Neuron / Synapse)
Wired For Thinking (Neuron / Synapse)
Neural Ensemble Encoding Information
Are You Paying Attention? (Neuron / Synapse)
You Are Nothing But A Pack Of Neurons (Synapse)
1 To 5 Quadrillion Synapses Inside Neuron Synapse
Practicing Neurology Requires A Lot Of Nerve
Loose Memory Inside (Neuron / Synapse)
Warning! Frazzled Nerves Inside (Neuron / Synapse)
I May Not Have A Huge Gut ... But I've Got Nerve
My Thoughts Escape Me From Time To Time
Hopefully Our Conversation Will Strike A Nerve
Do I Look Like A Bundle Of Nerves? Neuron Synapse
I Need Time To Restore My Neurotransmitters
Distracted Nerves Inside Neuron Synapse Humor
Restructuring My Neurotransmitters Is Hard To Do
Thought Requires A Lot Of Nerve (Synapse)
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