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Words & Unwords
Intentional Intelligent Humor - Scientific Fun For All Seasons
Washington, United States
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Open Source Attitude Inside (Duke Java Book Chair)
Software Developers Know How To Move Mountains
Open Source Student (Duke Book Guitar Comfy Chair)
Remember Mars Exploration Is An Open Source Phenom
Let's Go Snorkeling Because Fixing Code Is Like
Mini-Vacations Are Part Of My Routine (Java Duke)
I Move Mountains At Work (Software Developer)
Wanted A Deadline That I Can Coast Through (Duke)
Success Involves Taking A Break Duke Snorkeling
Warning! On Mental Vacation (Open Source Duke)
Software Developers & Bullfighters Have Lot Common
Programmers Know How To Hack Code (Open Source)
Relaxation Is My Mantra (Open Source Java Duke)
Reenergize Yourself Take A Mental Vacation
Just Call Me An Open Source Cowboy
Software Developers Have To Drill Down To The Nuts
Software Engineers Live In A Fishbowl Environment
Open Source Martians Inside (Duke Rover)
Duke Fishbowl Pressure Gets To Me I Go Snorkeling
Just Surfin' Through Time (Open Source Duke)
Just Chillin' (Open Source Java Duke Snorkeling)
Be Colorful Promote An Open Source Mindset
Open Source Programmers Know How To Be On Guard
Make Everyday An Open Source Day (Duke Earth Day)
Travel Through An Open Source Wormhole (Duke)
Digital Gutenberg Inside Printing Press Open Srce
Essential Ingredient Software Development Beer
Time Machine Inside (Open Source Duke)
Open Source Tree Hugger Inside
Software Developers Know How To Juggle
Software Development Involves A Lot Of Naps
Open Source Dude (Open Source Duke)
Software Developers Know How To Surf Through Time
Open Source Open Your Mind To The Future (Duke)
Open Source Programmers Like Mental Vacations
Open Source The Future Is Now (Open Source Duke)
Just Getting Ready To Slice & Dice Code
To Be King Of Code Need To Know How To Slice Dice
Open Source Time Traveler (Traveller Duke)
Open Source Disseminator Digital Printing Press
Just Chillin' Duke Open Source Geek Humor
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