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Intentional Intelligent Humor - Scientific Fun For All Seasons
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Math & Geometry


Anthropic Farm Units Measurement Units
I Don't Do Math . . . My Erdos Number Is Empty Set
Just Being A Cellular Automaton
Sierpinski Triangle
What's Your Limit? (Limit Function)
How Focused Are You? (Parabola Focus Point)
Just Another Hypercubed Day (Geometric Humor)
Team Fibonacci
Think Binary Clock (Geek Humor)
Möbius–Kantor Configuration Realizable Complex
Inversion Set & Vector Of A Permutation
Logic Dreams Inside (Logic Matrices)
Lost In The 5th Dimension?
Stop Triangulating Get To The Root Of The Matter
Equivalent Equations Are Equal To One Another
Hesse Configuration (Geometry)
Examining Parallel Displacement (Geometry)
24-Cell 4-Dimensional Polytope (Geometric)
My Life Alternates Between Discrete Continuous
How Displaced Are You In The Cartesian World?
Creativity Is Combinatorial (Permutations)
Do You Know Which Line Is Euler's Line (Geometry)
Probability Mass Function Of Sum Of Two Dice
Logic Matrices Inside
Cuboid Inside (Rhombicuboctahedron)
Think Eigenvector (Mona Lisa Restored)
Team Euclid Depiction Of Euclid In Ancient Times
Penrose Tiling (Five-Fold Symmetry)
Circumcenter (Triangle Geometry)
Evolving Cube Inside (Geometry)
If You Don't Understand Me Think 5th Dimension
Life Is Nothing But A Series Of Permutations
My Life Is Frequently At An Inflection Point
Stereographic Polytope
4-Dimensional Cube (Math and Geometry)
Here's Looking At Euclid (Art Humor)
Hypercube Star (Math Geometry)
Euclid's Proof Of The Pythagorean Theorem
Icosayotton (Ten Dimensional Hypercube)
Dimensions Of Freedom
Just Call Me Cuboid Or Rectangular Parallelepiped
All Things In The Universe Come In Sets
Life Is A Saddle Point
Are You Congruent?
Dekeract (10-Dimensional Hypercube)
Thinking In The Fifth Dimension Can Give Headache
Are You Ready For Non-Euclidean Geometry?
Be Careful When Studying Math Lot Of Inequality
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