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Welcome and thank you for visiting. I hope you'll enjoy our products. Especially our feauture of the month, Christmas and Valentine's day greeting cards. We carry a wide variety of products, please feel free to tour and enjoy. All writings are original works of Ralph W Staples. See Ralph as writepeople See Ralph as alwayswrite Email your questions and concerns to: staples_ralph@yahoo.ca Black net, become a member

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By Destiny, 8/25/2012 about
Your Gallery is Stunning =) `*•.¸☆`*•.¸☆ ¸.•*´`*•.¸¸.`*•.¸☆`*•.¸☆`*•.¸☆`*=)
"Happy Holidays and thanks for joining my fan club!"
By Rebecca_Reeder, 12/19/2011 about
I am very far behind in my Zazzle correspondence, so before we rush out the door I am just posting this quick reply. I look forward to future visits to your store when I have more time. Thank you for your support, and have a wonderful holiday season and happy 2010 if I don't get back before then. (I am currently very involved with trying to help save some endangered wildlife orphans) - -Rebecca
"Great Products!"
By hearttoheart, 5/19/2010 about
"I Love Your Shoes!"
By addmorecolor, 5/7/2010 about
Wonderful Designs!!
"Welcome New Fan Club Member"
By PKHVRH, 3/12/2010 about
Great shoe designs. We've joined your fan club too!
By jeanhar1, 2/1/2010 about
Thank you for your support and joining my fan club. My Zazzle profile isn't very detailed, so I would like to personally invite you to my official website. www.jeanhartartwork.com I look forward to your visit and don't forget to sign my guestbook and subscribe to my newsletter. Thanks for being a fan, ~ Jean
By jeanhar1, 1/19/2010 about
Really fun shoe designs! Good luck in 2010! : )
By VicsExoticPhotos, 1/11/2010 about
Nice store, just joined your fan club.
By mysoriginal, 12/18/2009 about
Your welcome and happy to have you as new friend, mys
"Your products"
By Patricia_Store, 12/17/2009 about
Nice store. I like the colors. Best wishes, Merry Christmas. Friendly. Patricia
"Merry Christmas ....Happy New Year"
By mysoriginal, 12/16/2009 about
I really like you store and the Valentines day cards, mys
By LivingLife, 12/15/2009 about
Appreciate your kind comments on my store, and thanks for joining my FC. You ahve some beautiful work here.
By DESTINYHUNTER, 12/10/2009 about
Thank you for joining my fan club. I appreciate it. Best wishes. You have a nice gallery.
By LoisBryan, 12/9/2009 about
thanks so much for stopping by my store and joining my fan club!!! I appreciate it so much!!!! What SUPER shoe designs you have created ... I love them!!!!! Great, great store!! I wish you much success!!!! Best regards, Lois
"so pretty!"
By junglewalkcom, 11/30/2009 about
I am your fan now
By tyounglyle, 11/29/2009 about
Thank you as I will Also!! Tamera
"Thank you!"
By thespamama, 11/27/2009 about
Thank for joining my fan Club, what beautiful things you have.Good work!
By plsbuymystuff, 11/27/2009 about
I like what you've got going on.
"Happy Holidays to you and yours."
By PerGis_NOSaints, 11/23/2009 about
By aportugueselove, 11/23/2009 about
Thanks for joining my Fc!!Lovely works in your store,shoes are great,cards are wonderful!
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