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We were curious when we had first heard mention of the term "Yellow Dog Democrat"- so we did some digg'n. While tracking the history of the Yellow Dog Democrat, we came across other breeds of Democrat Dog. Evidently, packs of "Rabid Yeller Dawg Democrats" and "Blue Dog Democrats" also roam the political landscape. Inspired by the Yellow Dog's History, We created a line of unique Democrat Dog Mascot T-shirts, bumper stickers and buttons featuring many of Our Democrat Dog characters! Included are: Yellow Dog Democrat, Rabid Yellow Dog, Yellow Pup Democrat and Blue Dog Democrat. Thanks for sniffing around. Be sure to bookmark this page - so that you can always "track us down with ease!" Yellow Dog Democrat is a sister site of Also Checkout if you'd like to see our take on The Yellow Dog and His Democrat Pack and where it all started.

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