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Protest the Corruption of our Political System and the shameless greed of the majority of our Politicians when you wear or display our Yes Politics Suck Gear. Our Anti Politician t-shirts, buttons, mugs and bumper stickers feature themes such as: Are you tired of Repeat Offenders? Don't Re Elect them. Politicians Polarize. Politicians are truthful only when they point fingers and call each other liars. Politicians are stupid, throw rocks at them. It's time to Yank the Government's feeding tube. Vote or Die? How about Vote or Rot in Apathy, Vote or Barf, Vote or Curdle in Apathy and of course Vote or Expire. Oh, and one of our favorites- Politicks are sucking the life out of Our Country, symbolized by Uncle Sam. Recently added is our bp sucks anti British Petroleum line in protest of the Gulf Oil Spill. We are all frustrated with Politics. Need to vent a little? Stir things up? Are you Anti-Obama, Anti-Democrat, Anti-Liberal or Anti-Republican? Be sure to see our latest O.B.A.M.A. One Big Ass Mistake, America design featuring President Obama as a braying Democrat Donkey. Also, our Why so Socialist? gift ideas featuring Obama as the Joker. LOL Funny. Please spread the word about YesPoliticsSuck.com