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You create beautiful Face on MARS works of art Canvas Print
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#Zazzle Inspiration
About this product
Media Type: Premium Wrapped Canvas (Gloss)

Turn memories into a work of art with Zazzle’s premium wrapped canvas. Made from an additive-free cotton-poly blend, our instant-dry canvases make for long lasting, fade resistant prints.

  • Special ink-receptive coating to protect printed surface from cracking when stretching
  • Made with a tight weave ideal for crisp printing of photography and fine art
  • Beautiful addition to any room
About this design
You create beautiful Face on MARS works of art Canvas Print
Let's Face It, Color EXTRAVAGANZAS with Extra Vaganza! have invaded MJ12club*. O.K. now, pencils poised, and... were off. Create your own Custom Premium Canvas (Gloss)! Your mission, should you choose to not be such a Plutonian all the time, is to go straight to the design phase (Customize It! zone) and change this guy's face. Face? Guy? What guy? Yes, face. Guy, gal, woman, person, whatever. Have your Phase Goofer at the ready at all times. Set your artistic license phase adjustment knob or knobs, depending on your equipment, on stunningly BEAUTIFUL! On these Customizable Extra Vaganza Color Extravaganza Custom Premium Canvas (Glosses) you get 30, count 'em, 30 color swatch splotches with which to play, or in the case of ART, work. It's a new record! Go figure. (Also, if you could do the math, it Shirley would be appreciated.) This is, after all, a designer Custom Premium Canvas (Gloss) and you are the self-described designer, and self-made I might add, and the math whiz to boot. You WANT a whole mess o' color with which to mess do you not? You betcha! You got it. You can make MILLIONS! Millions? Yes Millions. Golly, you can make close to, but not exceed, an infinite possible number of different, beautiful and most importantly MJ12club* perpendicular universe type other-worldly designs, (they're out of this world in other words) and this is just one of several of these How-To Do It Customizable Extra Vaganza Color Extravaganza Custom Premium Canvas (Glosses) from which to begin your preliminary design stage. You get to play with Reds, Greens, Blues, Pinks, Yellows, Oranges, Purples, Black and other colors in between. Goody! Each color swatch splotch resides on its own layer so you can be the color commentator, the coordinator, the composer, the artistic type. Go head-on into the Customize It! zone and there you can move, rotate, enlarge, reduce, copy and paste more of and/or even, dare I say, delete each color layer that you do not particularly care for, independently of the others. You can rearrange the order of the colors so that the colors you want on top are the colors that you want on top. Click EDIT > Background and you can choose one of Zazzle's 125 other background colors to give your Customizable, Personalize-able Custom Premium Canvas (Gloss) that final artistically "you" touch. How shweet. Add your own images and/or text. Sign your name as "the ARTIST". Try one of Zazzle's "Dangerous Type" fonts. Can you dig? I knew you could. I'd dig and my dog would dig too if I had a dog. I have a cat and who ever knows with cats. They're always pulling one of their cat things on you. Anyway, remember GOTO: Customize It! zone > Click on the TITLE BAR of one of the thirty colors. Then push a button, any button, like one of the directional arrows. See what happens. Or try this: Click on and drag one of the color title bars up or down the list of color title bars and then click the spin arrow one, two or three times. Four times will bring you right back where you started. Or just push buttons, buttons, buttons. NO! NOT THAT BUTTON! Just kidding. What is a swatch splotch, you ask? A swatch splotch is a couple of words I came up with in a hurry to describe these amorphous splatterings of color on white backgrounds, the white of which can be turned transparent by Zazzle him or herself. These particular swatch splotches I made using the Face on Mars image. The resemblance is uncanny, don't you think? All images were produced in Photoshop using the famous July 25, 1976 Viking Orbiter 1 Image (35a72) of the Face on Mars. All of them. On MARS, a day is twenty-five hours long. Have a nice one of them. And you thought dog days were long. Your dog is thinking to him or herself right about now that one of his or her dog days is equal to a week of your dog days so take your time but hurry up. Just kidding again. I choose not to read dog minds and they appreciate it. Image Courtesy: NASA/JPL/Caltech, oh, and the American taxpayer. Surf's Up! -_- No Drones -_- Bonini Beach Surfboards -_- Bonini Beach Surf Ace Street DX -_- MJ12CLUB.COM -_-* -_- LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Copyright (C) 2012 Marti J. Hughes; All rights reserved.
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You create beautiful Face on MARS works of art Canvas Print

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