1001 Arabian Nights: The Adventures of Sinbad
Alice In Wonderland
B.A.R. Maid
Bad Girls
Beyond Wonderland
Call Of Wonderland
Chronicles Of Dr. Herbert West
Code Red
Dream Eater Saga
Escape From Wonderland
GFT Annuals/Specials
Grimm Fairy Tales
Grimm Universe
Hit List
Hunters - Grimm Fairy Tales
Jungle Book
Madness Of Wonderland
Masumi - Blades Of Sin
Monster Hunters' Survival Guide
Myths & Legends
No Tomorrow
Realm War
Return To Wonderland
Robyn Hood
Salem's Daughter
Sci-Fi & Fantasy Illustrated
Sleepy Hollow
Tales From Neverland
Tales From Wonderland
Tales Of Terror
The Library
The Theatre
The Waking
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Founded in 2005 by Philly natives Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco, Zenescope Entertainment is quickly becoming one of the most recognized independent comic book and graphic novel publishers in the world. Their flagship title GRIMM FAIRY TALES, which is also written by Joe and Ralph, immediately found a strong audience and has certainly surpassed the expectations set by many industry insiders. (read more here at Zenescope.com...) TO SEE ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS YOU MUST SET YOUR CONTENT FILTER TO 'OFF' ON THE LEFT OF THE PAGE. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! MANY OF OUR IMAGES ARE RATED PG OR R!

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By anka_n, 10/1/2014 about
Great store, love it!
By kriss, 6/23/2014 about
Really great!!
By Donna Siegrist, 5/26/2014 about
Awesome work.... A new fan!!!
"Love it all!~"
By Nita XX, 7/19/2013 about
Uber sweet artwork!
"great work"
By dman71215, 7/1/2013 about
love the page
By Charity Dauenhauer, 11/25/2012 about
I am soooooooo a fan! You are one very talented person! Keep up the wonderful artwork!
"One big Like for you"
By PLdesign, 9/25/2012 about
Your art is amazing!
"Nice Store!"
By Missey, 9/16/2012 about
Great store! I love the fantasy comic art!
By DerekR, 9/4/2012 about
I liked on Facebook! Love the inventory! Great to know there's somewhere I can get some Zenescope!
By Tanya, 6/24/2012 about
Congrats on your TBA! Amazing stuff here!
"very cool artwork"
By Marty Myers, 1/10/2012 about
love the art extremely cool
By Belinha Fernandes, 12/5/2011 about
Hi! Just Liked your store! This is all so cool! Like mine too! Let's help eachother! Merry Christmas and happy sales!;)
By Darlene Sullins, 9/14/2011 about
awesome designs! ^^
By The Art of Pamela, 7/3/2011 about
I like your designs, I think they're great, I hope you make many many sales on them, and HAPPY 4th of JULY!! - Pamela.
"Just Awesome..."
By Flix GP, 6/30/2011 about
Man, you have a new fan. Incredible illustrations. Greetings from Hit the Road Designs
"Hi Zenescope E. Cool Store & Art! A+!"
By Ronspassionfordesign, 5/28/2011 about
Best of luck to you, have a great weekend! Ron
By Yvonne, 5/26/2011 about
Some awesome stuff here,I keep coming back :) Just ordered Return To Wonderland #0 B Queen Of Hearts, Alice & Neverland #0 E - Tinker Bell and Croc prints! :))
"Beautiful work!"
By Jeremy Shock, 5/23/2011 about
Really great stuff here!
"Hi Terry!"
By Gothic Toggs, 5/23/2011 about
Beautiful work as always! Looking forward to seeing more, especially Salem's Daughter ;D Just gorgeous!!
"Awesome artwork!"
By Vipul, 5/22/2011 about
Loved browsing thru your store! Lots of great, awesome artwork! I'm a fan now!
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