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38-star flag, Global pattern, Outliers Frosted Glass Beer Mug


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38-star flag, Global pattern, Outliers Frosted Glass Beer Mug
Designed for youby Vexillophile
Frosted Glass Mug
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Frosted Glass Mug
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About This Product
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Style: Frosted Glass Mug

Our frosted glass mug is our most versatile option. The 10-ounce mug is a perfect choice for tea, coffee, and cocoa as well as grogs, toddies, and mulled wines. The 16-ounce mug is styled as a beer stein and is ideal for a cold pint of brew. Whatever your size or style, your beverage will shine through with a frosted glass mug, making the perfect gift!

  • Available in 10-ounce or 16-ounce
  • Dimensions:
    • 10-ounce: 3.2” diameter x 3.8” h
    • 16-ounce: 3.4” diameter x 4.5" h
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Sturdy construction from frosted glass
  • White areas of your design will not print – they will be transparent, revealing the beverage inside
  • Meets or exceeds FDA requirements for food and beverage safety
  • Printed on demand in Reno, NV
About This Design
38-star flag, Global pattern, Outliers Frosted Glass Beer Mug
As the United States grew, stars were added to the flag -- one for each state. Until 1912, when the 48th star was added, there was no official placement for the stars: it was up to the manufacturer of the flag to decide how to arrange them. This resulted in some very interesting designs! With thirteen years to play with the stars, 38-star flags displayed many unusual patterns! NUMBER OF STARS, DATES OF USE, & STATES REPRESENTED: 13 STAR FLAG (1777-1795): Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia, New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island. 15 STAR FLAG (1795-1818): Vermont, Kentucky 20 STAR FLAG (1818-1819): Tennessee, Ohio, Louisiana, Indiana, Mississippi 21 STAR FLAG (1819-1820): Illinois 23 STAR FLAG (1820-1822): Alabama, Maine 24 STAR FLAG (1822-1836): Missouri 25 STAR FLAG (1836-1837): Arkansas 26 STAR FLAG (1837-1845): Michigan 27 STAR FLAG (1845-1846): Florida 28 STAR FLAG (1846-1847): Texas 29 STAR FLAG (1847-1848): Iowa 30 STAR FLAG (1848-1851): Wisconsin 31 STAR FLAG (1851-1858): California 32 STAR FLAG (1858-1859): Minnesota 33 STAR FLAG (1859-1861): Oregon 34 STAR FLAG (1861-1863): Kansas 35 STAR FLAG (1863-1865): West Virginia 36 STAR FLAG (1865-1867): Nevada 37 STAR FLAG (1867-1877): Nebraska 38 STAR FLAG (1877-1890): Colorado 43 STAR FLAG (1890-1891): North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Washington, Idaho 44 STAR FLAG (1891-1896): Wyoming 45 STAR FLAG (1896-1908): Utah 46 STAR FLAG (1908-1912): Oklahoma 48 STAR FLAG (1912-1959): New Mexico, Arizona 49 STAR FLAG (1959-1960): Alaska 50 STAR FLAG (1960-Now): Hawaii VEXILLOPHILE offers flat flags and waving, usually available with the name of the place -- often in the native language as well as English! Of course, if you'd rather leave them guessing, you can get your flags plain! So be sure to look over our designs before making your final selection! Check out this design on other items offered, or use the customize it button to add the text of your choice! When selecting this item on clothing, please be aware that any white parts may not appear as white on lighter fabrics (the fabric color may show), and dark fabrics should be chosen to contrast with the design. Trust the pictures to accurately represent what you will receive.
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